The Cross-Language Articulatory Database (CLAD) is an on-line research and teaching tool containing tagged video samples of electropalatography (EPG) data from a variety of languages. The EPG method tracks the contact between the tongue and the roof of the mouth over time, providing spatial and temporal information about consonant and vowel articulations.

The data currently includes individual words, sentences, and continuous speech passages from several dialects of Spanish, illustrative of various segmental aspects of the language phonetics and phonology.

Additional data (in preparation) will include speech samples from Canadian English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Serbian.

The development of the project is sponsored by an Advancing Teaching and Learning in Arts and Science (ATLAS) fund from the Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto to Profs. Alexei Kochetov (Linguistics), Laura Colantoni (Spanish and Portuguese), and Jeffrey Steele (French).

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